A division of DK Jay Services, Inc.
A Maryland Corporation since 1990
Bel Air Maryland

Building exceptional quality hand wired guitar amplifiers.
Custom builds or clones of American and British famous makers 50s and 60s tube amplifiers.  Heads, combos and speaker cabinets available.  Power available from 5 watts to 100 watts.  Higher quality  and craftsmanship than current reissue amps and at much lower prices.

Demo amps available, call to setup a test session! 

A quote from Steve Conte, Lead Guitarist, Company Of Wolves after using my Marshall Plexi clone for their reunion show on June 3rd, 2017.

“I was well impressed by both Jonsson amps I played through with Company Of Wolves. The 50 watt Plexi clone had loads of bottom end with smooth tube overdrive. The 59 Bassman clone was also killer in the tone/grit department!”


Click here for high quality custom pickups !

Click here for guitar setup or repair in Baltimore !

Click here for guitar setup or repair in Harrisburg !

Also doing repairs on any make or model of amplifier
Fast and reasonably priced
Contact Dave to discuss your desire by text or phone 410-279-4962 or email dave@jonssonamplifiers.com
Clone prices starting at $450 
***For working 5F1 Chassis CLONE, true to 1957 Fender schematic, economy grade parts, no cabinet, no speaker.
For those who know the name, this would be a Doug Hoffman kit, built on his BEAUTIFUL turret board. 
​This is an example of Hoffman turret board, this is NOT the 5F1 board, it is a "Plexi".

For all amps I build, I start with an amp "kit" from one of various providers, based closest to your needs and budget.
Even the most econical kit will sound great, be lovingly assembled, built like a tank, and will be easy to maintain and repair. You should
expect any of my amplifiers to last many decades with regular maintenence such as recap or retube, just like the originals.

Your price will be the at cost price to me for all component parts in your amp, plus a rediculously low , semi-negotiable labor charge
for me to assemble the amp.  $40 per hour and less. If you know someone who will do it for less...................